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Hey there! Just a quick heads up: if you've got a question that you think others might be wondering about too, it's a great idea to drop it in the comments under our YouTube videos. Chances are, you're not the only one curious, and we're all about sharing answers that help everyone learn.

We make sure to go through all the comments two days after a video goes live. So, don't forget to hit Subscribe and ring that Bell so you know right away when a new video's out. This way, you get your answers fast, others get to learn from your questions, and it gives our channel a nice boost. It's a win-win all around!

If your question's a bit more detailed or you're looking for something a bit more one-on-one, consider joining our Patreon. It's super affordable, just $5 a month, and you get to chat directly with us, whether through calls or emails. And the best part? You can cancel anytime if it's not for you.

We're pouring our hearts into making quality videos, taking care of our beloved Aquarius, and, of course, squeezing in some fun along the way. But juggling all this, especially with spotty internet, can get pretty wild.

Thanks so much for understanding and for all your support.

It means the world to us!

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