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Just a quick note - if you have a general question - please consider posting it in the YouTube video comments, as most likely others have similar questions.

We do our best to reply to ALL of the comments 2 days after the video has been posted - so please Subscribe and click that "Bell" icon to get notified when the video is released. This helps you to get your questions answered, other viewers can learn from that as well and this also helps our channel. Win win!

If you have more specific questions and prefer more personalized attention - please consider becoming our Patreon - which is as little as $5 per month, and you can have personal calls or emails with us. Plus - you can cancel it anytime :)

We are doing our best to deliver you quality videos, maintaining our beloved Aquarius, and meanwhile trying to have some fun, so time management can become challenging with constant internet connection challenges :D

Appreciate your understanding. 

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