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Circumnavigate with us on Aquarius

YES! You too can circumnavigate your environment in a super duper quality top from our store. Or, sip some foreign brew from our Circumnavigation Mug while thinking about your next destination. Our quality Circumnavigation tops are an exceptional choice for your sailing attire! Don't forget about your significant-other! YES, they want to circumnavigate with you too. Just imagine, one (or more) of these tops laying on the floor next to your bed after a hard day of sailing!! Get ONE, or maybe TWO if you can't decide which color!

You can find our merchandise here:

As for a quick update - during this month, April 2020, Aquarius has been in Thailand, Anchored just off Southern Phuket. It’s nice here, and we are able to swim off the boat, and go ashore if we need to shop for food or Top-up our cellular internet package. We are in a good place, but I must say, it’s like a slow cooker here on Aquarius. Hot, Hot, Hot….. But, because we are trying to conserve fuel, we don’t use the AC unless it really gets bad. The most important thing is that we are safe, and we can communicate with our family and friends over the internet. We are also trying to catch up on our videos, and doing some much needed work on Aquarius. Our plans are fluid as governments change dates which businesses can open, and when free movement will start. Right now movement between the districts in Phuket is restricted. So, we are restricted to a few anchorages all within about 1/2 mile of our current location. On April 30, Phuket should start to open up. Thailand has posted 0 deaths due to Covid-19 in the past 3 days, which is the best news. There are a few new cases of coronavirus, but all the numbers seem to be going in the right direction. Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay out of trouble. It’s a crazy world out there thez dayz !

Warm wishes from Thailand,

Ken & Zivile / Isabelle

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