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Aquarius upgrades and maintenance costs during first year 2017

This blog post is complimentary to our boat tour video, and to the Aquarius "How To Series" video (you can find video here).

It is our second most asked question - what are our expenses? And I understand why - before embarking on this journey and planning for it we were trying to find out as much as we could to plan accordingly and it was not easy.

So we are happy to share our costs.

We purchased our boat Aquarius in January 2017, at the time she was 17 years old and had everything needed to circumnavigate the word what she already has done in 2001-2007.

We bought for a good price and we already knew that we will do some upgrades (like changing standing rigging and adding solar & wind systems plus davits to support it).

There were some unexpected expenses and in the beginning we were a bit shocked by "marine" prices, but at the end we fit into our budget for upgrades as well as maintenance.

Here is overview:

This does not include docking, mooring, travel or food expenses, but this should give you some idea about maintenance and upgrades costs. We also included location as services prices differs a lot in different countries.

Costs by category:




If this font is too small, also to get more details in the "comments" section download this file:

Hope this "will shine some light" regarding to costs and you find this useful.

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