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Hey there! We're Ken and Zivile, also known as Isabelle, adventurers, sailors, and YouTubers.

Back in 2017, we made a big leap and bought Aquarius - an Amel Super Maramu 2000. Despite our limited sailing experience, we set off on an epic journey Around The World! Fast forward 7 years, and we've covered over 36,000 nautical miles, visited 50 countries, and unfortunately, dealt with the challenge of 2 broken masts—right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, no less, on our final stretch to complete our Circumnavigation!

The excitement of returning to Martinique, where we started our journey 7 years ago, was bittersweet. We had imagined proudly flying the flags of all the countries we had visited, but alas, fate had other plans.

At present, Aquarius sits patiently in a boatyard, masts absent, as we navigate through the insurance & repair (?) process.

Once everything is sorted, we'll be transparent about what happened—when and how we lost the mast, the underlying cause, and all the details.

Stay tuned for updates!

Aquarius after Circumnavigation 

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Our T-shirts & more available to order AND support us!

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